Landon Newton 

abortifacient herbs, cedar, library, pamphlets, plywood, seed packets, soil

Current Locations:
Bradford, VT 2016-Present
Denniston Hill, Glen Wild, NY 2020-Present 

Past Locations:
Queens Museum, Queens, NY 2018
SUNY Purchase, Purchase, NY 2019-2021
Site-sepcific Installations

The Abortion Herb Garden, ongoing 

A garden is an active site for care. The Abortion Herb Garden, is a collaborative and ongoing garden installation planted exclusively with abortifacient, emmenagogic, and contraceptive plants.

Gardens are areas for growth, for learning, and for liberation. They are spaces for new beginnings, for upholding old traditions, and they are sites for re-imaginings. Each of these plants has historically been used for contraception, birth control, and/or abortion. Seed packages, pamphlets, QR codes, interactive signage, animations, and resource material have accompanied the garden installation in its various forms. The Abortion Herb Garden acts as a resource and historical marker, calling attention to the history of plant medicine, abortion-as-care, dispossessed and discredited healthcare practices, and the ways in which people have been managing their fertility throughout history.  It’s about plants baby! 

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