Landon Newton 

Abortion Wallpaper:

:Queen Ann's Lace, Chaste Tree, Willow, Squirting Cucumber

:Aloe, Juniper, Parsley, Rosemary, Rue, Sage,

:Blue Cohosh, Pennyroyal, Silphium,

:Juniper, Asarum, Squirting Cucumber

:Asarum, Savin Juniper

The Abortion Wallpapers

The Abortion Wallpapers, (2014-) are a series of floral wallpaper patterns mimicking Victorian and 1950’s motifs, each plant included in the design has abortive and or emmenagogic medicinal properties.  As functional adornment and subversive decoration, these wallpapers become witness, become secret keeper, become historical reminder to the history and practice of the use plants and herbs for birth control, abortion, and reproductive care.

© landon newton